Toothbrush Care 101

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Your toothbrush needs care in order to keep your smile healthy. Here at Sedona Dental Arts in Sedona, Arizona, we take your oral health very seriously, which is why we have provided this basic information on taking care of your toothbrush.

Did you know, that your toothbrush can stick to bacteria, which can spread to your teeth? Well, it’s true! If you strive to clean your toothbrush each day before and after use, you could keep bacteria from your teeth. Other harmful bacteria or food particles can also get stuck in the bristles of the brush, which is why keeping your brush clean can also keep your teeth clean.

Another tip is your toothbrush should be replaced every four to six months according to the American Dental Association. If your bristles become worn out or too frayed, they will not work or scrub your teeth properly. It is also a great idea to swap out your toothbrush any time after you become sick or suffer an illness.

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