Snoring Can Indicate a Serious Problem

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Do you ever get woken up because a loved one snores or makes strange noises when they sleep? Do you snore and wake yourself up? Had you heard that, while snoring is fairly common, it can be an indicator of a more serious problem? Fortunately, our team can help you address your snoring.

One serious reason for your sleep apnea is snoring, which you may struggle to recognize because you’re asleep. Generally, you suffer from sleep apnea if your airway is being obstructed by your tongue or muscles in your mouth when you’re sleeping. If you have sleep apnea, you’ll probably stop breathing for a few seconds multiple times every night. Fortunately, there are several symptoms you could watch for, such as waking up exhausted, suffering from daytime fatigue, high blood pressure, moodiness, and difficulty focusing.

While your doctor can also help you deal with sleep apnea, dentists often recognize the issue first because sleep apnea could cause issues that our team treats, such as dry mouth and enamel erosion. If we do recognize sleep apnea, there are a few treatment options we can recommend. One common treatment we recommend is an oral sleep appliance, which will keep your airway clear while you sleep. This will help with your sleep apnea and the other issues that cause it.

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