Relaxing at the Dentist’s Office

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There are some people who are fine with the prospect of visiting the dentist. They are equally comfortable with an upcoming cleaning, or a root canal. On the other hand, some people have a very real fear of visiting the dentist for any reason at all. Whether you have some mild anxiety over a dental appointment or suffer with a dental phobia, skipping your dental appointments can lead to gum disease, lost teeth and other health problems.

If you suffer from any form of dental anxiety, the first thing that you should do is talk to your dentist and their staff. Sometimes it is helpful to learn about your scheduled procedure, and knowing what will happen beforehand can take some of the mystery out of your visit. You might might want to arrange for a signal that you can give to the dentist if you need a break for a few minutes during your appointment.

You may also want to discuss the use of nitrous oxide during your appointment. Nitrous oxide is safe, and has been used by many dentists for years to help their patients to relax. It is mixed with oxygen, and is given to the patient in controlled amounts through a mask placed over the nose. The patient is relaxed, but not unconscious during the procedure and can still communicate with the dental staff if necessary. The effects of the gas wear off within minutes after it has been removed, and the patient needs no time to recover.

If you suffer from dental anxiety to any degree, talk with our dentist, Dr. Austin Babcock about using nitrous oxide to make your visit more comfortable. If you live in the Sedona, Arizona, area, you can call 928-282-1514 to schedule an appointment.