Get a CPAP Device to Help with a Sleep Disorder

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CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines can greatly improve your breathing during the night. Whether it’s a sleeping disorder or other type of breathing problem, this device could help you with your breathing. Our team here at Sedona, Arizona is dedicated to providing the care and service you need to sleep better at night.

Your dentist or doctor will recommend which option is best for you whether it’s a CPAP device or trying another remedy such as positional therapy, where you lay on your side to get a better airway. Other options include surgery (where the throat tissues are taken out or remodeled) or being fit for an oral appliance. These are easy to take with you anywhere, well-fitting, and don’t make any noise (which is great for anyone sleeping near you).

CPAP machines give you the needed air to peacefully breathe during the night. There are multiple options to choose from to get the right device for your face shape and breathing including a nasal pillow, a nasal/nasal prong mask, or a full-face mask. Each option will also be adjusted as to not impact the structure of the jaw by moving the incisors or dental arches.

Dr. Austin Babcock and their dental professionals want to give you the best care for your teeth as well as a restful night where you are not constantly waking up or waking others near you. Give Sedona Dental Arts a call at 928-282-1514 to schedule an appointment or a consultation with one of our dental professionals here in Sedona, Arizona.