Don’t Forget to Protect Your Teeth and Gums for the Holidays

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Don’t forget to protect your teeth and gums for the holidays. With all the festive cheer to be shared this holiday season, make sure your smile is included as well. Oral accidents such as cracking or chipping a tooth are common during this time of year, so please be sure to take any necessary precautions for activities that may put you at an increased risk for harm.

Here are a few activities to be cautious with this season:

  • If you are considering have your tongue pierced, many metal bars and brackets used for cosmetic piercings can easily crack or chip your teeth.
  • The holiday season can be stressful at times, but don’t resort to biting on your nails, which can fracture your teeth.
  • As candy canes become larger and larger, the risk of tooth damage becomes greater and greater.
  • Try to avoid chewing on ice. If you are heading to Flagstaff to enjoy the winter festivities, avoid the temptation to chew on hard snow or icicles which can crack, chip, or damage your teeth. This also goes for ice cubes all year round!
  • If you are considering sports such as ice skating, skiing, or hockey, always remember to wear a mouth guard.
  • Hard candies are a staple of most holiday treats, so be cautious when biting into them, or you may suffer an oral accident.

Take care of your teeth and gums this holidays season, and they will reward you with many more joyous seasons to come. To make an appointment with Dr. Austin Babcock, please call our Sedona Dental Arts team in Sedona, Arizona at 928-282-1514.  Come in today, and show off your better smile tomorrow!