A Fractured Tooth Might Need a Dental Crown

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Because of their enamel, your teeth are hard enough to withstand a lifetime of biting and chewing. Yet there are some bad habits and activities that can potentially chip or fracture your tooth enamel. This could occur if you sometimes chew on objects such as pens or pencils, or you have a bad habit of using your teeth to open packages. At the same time contact sport athletes and people who frequently grind their teeth while sleeping are also at heightened risk of suffering a chipped or fractured tooth.

Even if the initial damage to the tooth seems minimal, the compromised area of tooth enamel could start to collect bacterial deposits, leading to tooth decay. It’s also worth noting that seemingly minor chips can compromise a tooth’s structural integrity leading to a more severe dental fracture. If you have recently chipped or broken a tooth, you should have it treated as soon as possible by our dentist, Dr. Austin Babcock.

To effectively treat a tooth that has suffered a significant fracture the dentists might recommend a dental crown restoration. This treatment process will essentially replace the tooth’s enamel layer. If the sensitive core of the tooth was also traumatized, or a new area of tooth decay had developed they might need to perform a root canal. This will remove the diseased or damaged tooth pulp so that the tooth can support the crown.

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