Why Should You Floss?

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During a dental cleaning, many patients are told that they should floss their teeth on a daily basis. This is a very common occurrence. Over 80% of patients confess to not flossing!

We know that you’ve heard from a young age just how important flossing is. We are going to tell you again, you need to be flossing on a daily basis! No matter how well or how many times you brush your teeth, there are certain spots your brush will not reach. This is why flossing is important.

Flossing is one of the most essential methods in helping to prevent new cavities or tooth decay from developing. Food particles and plaque can build up between your teeth, flossing cleans these areas and thus prevents decay or cavities from happening. In addition, daily flossing also helps the health and condition of your gums so that you will not contract gingivitis. Flossing also will protect you from having bad breath.

If you are someone who struggles to floss regularly, here are some helpful tips: you can use floss picks or floss holders to clean between the teeth in a quick and easy to use manner. If you are likely to forget to floss, try placing a sticky note on the bathroom mirror to use as a daily reminder.

By cleaning your teeth thoroughly, you are protecting them for years to come. Please be sure to schedule your regularly dental cleaning in Sedona, Arizona with your dentist Dr. Austin Babcock by calling Sedona Dental Arts today at 928-282-1514.