5 Areas Benefiting From Laser Dentistry

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Laser dentistry is the one of the latest advances in the field. It delivers targeted energy in the form of an intense beam of light to more efficiently remove cavities and unhealthy gum tissue. With a laser, there is less collateral damage beyond the intended target site.

Laser dentistry is very quiet compared to traditional drilling methods. There is little to no sound associated with it—a pleasant relief for the patient who has experienced the noisy whine and heat of a dental drill. This makes going to the dentist much more stress-free than previously.

Currently, these are the areas of dental care that are enjoying the benefits of laser technology:

Cavity Removal and Filling
Removing cavities can be achieved more proficiently with laser dentistry. The machines we use have the ability to identify and clear away decay inside the tooth and prep the enamel for bonded fillings as well. Local anesthesia is not needed in most cases.

Sterilization and Healing
Energy from the laser beam drastically reduces bacteria found in dental decay, and has been shown to improve the tooth’s ability to heal in areas where deep cavities were found. Post-operative discomfort can also be significantly minimized over traditional surgical methods.

Stronger Bonding
Hardening bonding materials (aka curing) is another area where lasers have shown benefits. Using lasers dramatically reduces the time it takes to finish a filling and produce a stronger restoration.

Whitening Teeth
Special bleaching solutions that are applied to the surface of the tooth are better activated by laser energy. Whitening is possible in a very short time and dramatic changes are seen in even the most difficult cases of discoloration.

Gum Care
Periodontal care is yet another area benefiting from laser dentistry technology. Lasers are being used to reshape the gum line. By removing extra or diseased gum tissues, it promotes healing and greatly reduces healing time.

Drs. Babcock and Bill are pioneers in new laser dentistry techniques. Sedona Dental Arts takes advantage of a wide variety of cutting-edge technology to treat our patients. These state-of-the-art tools enhance the accuracy and proficiency of our work.

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