Do you have a tooth that is broken, decayed, or chipped? Are you looking for a tooth restoration that is long lasting and natural looking, as well as convenient?

If so, Dr. Babcock or Dr. Williams may suggest a CEREC same-day dental crown. Unlike traditional crowns, which typically require two visits to the dentist, CEREC crowns are completed in just one appointment at our office. The custom-made crown fits over the entire tooth, starting at the gum line, in order to protect it and restore its strength, shape, and structure.

Unlike traditional crowns that are made in a dental laboratory, CEREC crowns are made right in our office. Our team uses advanced digital impression technology to scan your tooth, ensuring that your custom crown will fit comfortably and precisely. The dental crown is then made from tooth-colored porcelain, which is matched to your natural tooth color for an aesthetic appearance. CEREC technology eliminates the need for messy impressions, uncomfortable temporary restorations, and multiple appointments.

With CEREC in Sedona, Arizona, our dentists help to keep you healthy, prevent problems, offer long-lasting solutions, and help you reach optimal dental health. For more information about the benefits of CEREC same-day dental crowns, call us today at Sedona Dental Arts!