At Sedona Dental Arts, we understand that your oral health directly affects your overall health and well-being. That’s why our dentists, Dr. Babcock and Dr. Bill, are pleased to offer biological dentistry in Sedona, Arizona. This particular form of dentistry focuses on providing safe and natural dental treatments that help treat your overall well-being. We want our patients to have the best possible quality of life, and we help accomplish that in several ways, including:

  • The use of biological materials: we use only dental materials that are more natural and have little or no chemicals. Because your oral health affects your overall health, we want to put only the best and safest material in your mouth when performing treatments such as fillings and other restorations.
  • Amalgam-free/Mercury-free dentistry: in the past, amalgam, or silver, fillings were the standard of repairing teeth with cavities. These fillings, however, contain mercury, which can leak out over time and harm your health. At our practice, we use composite and other mercury-free fillings material to help you avoid any harmful effects that may come from amalgam fillings.
  • Safe mercury filling removals: if you received an amalgam (silver) filling in the past but are worried about any damage it may cause, our dentists can safely remove your amalgam filling and replace it with a composite one. The process of removing amalgam fillings is a delicate one, and our dentists have the proper training and experience to ensure your safety throughout the procedure and afterwards.
  • Recycling: at our practice, we are aware of the environment and the affect that each of us can have on it; that’s why we recycle as many materials as possible. We want our community, state, and world to stay as clean and healthy as possible so everyone can enjoy a better quality of life.

If you are interested in alternatives to traditional dental care, we invite you to call our practice at 928-282-1514, or stop by for more information. Our team wants to help improve your quality of life.